Tips and Tricks for Cooking Meat Indoors

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We all love a communal cookout with friends and family members where we can connect with our loved ones and enjoy a delicious grilled meal. However, many parts of the country lose access to their grills thanks to the cold months of winter. But bad weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fine dinner at home with a juicy cut of meat. If you’re looking to up your skills in the kitchen, check out these tips and tricks for cooking meat indoors.

Proper Preparation

Whether you’re cooking outside or inside, a great meat dish requires proper preparation beforehand. It’s always best to cook meat that’s completely thawed out, so leave your produce in the fridge for a day or two if it’s frozen solid. And right before you begin cooking, let your meat reach room temperature—this keeps juices and flavor that the meat would otherwise lose during the cooking process. Once your meat has gotten to the correct temperature, allow it to marinate for a while with salt and other herbs or spices to ensure your dish is juicy and robust.

Pre- and Post-Searing

Grilling provides meat with a perfectly crisp exterior that’s visually appealing and absolutely delicious. To achieve this same grilled appearance and texture, practice pre- and post-searing when cooking your meal. For pre-searing, place your produce on a hot skillet with high-heat oil. After you sear the meat on each side for about 1 minute, it’s now ready for cooking in the oven. Post-searing is similar, with the sole difference being that you sear the meat after it has cooked in the oven.

Low and Slow

Cook with the “low and slow” method to ensure maximum flavor, texture, and moisture. This technique is quite simple, especially for indoor cooking. First, heat your skillet or oven to a low to medium temperature. Monitor your dish closely, giving it a generous amount of time to cook thoroughly. Once the meat is done, allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes; this enables it to settle and stay juicy.

A great dinner is a perfect way to connect with your loved ones and share quality time with each other. With these tips and tricks for cooking meat indoors, you can confidently provide yourself, friends, or family with a delicious at-home meal in the middle of the coldest months.

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