Things To Remember To Pack for a Cabin Getaway

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A guy’s weekend trip to the cabin can serve many purposes, from bachelor parties to fishing trips to anything in between. And most can agree they aren’t the best packers; they grab the essentials and go. However, a cabin in the woods or mountains requires extra attention to some details.

Important Documents

One of the most critical things to remember to pack for a cabin getaway is pertinent documentation. Things like reservation confirmation, planned activity confirmations, IDs, and any emergency medical documents can save time and assist in the event of a crisis.

Keep all documents together so you’re not scrambling at the last second to find something or put someone in charge of the paperwork. That way, you’ll know who to ask should you need it.

Hiking Gear

A typical trip to the cabin entails a hike or two, or maybe several. So remember to take hiking gear like treaded shoes or boots, an appropriate outer layer, and accessories like a hat and gloves. If you planned a trip to the great outdoors, it only makes sense to make accommodations.

Kitchen Essentials

Before you arrive at your destination, it’s vital to check with the rental facility to see what the kitchen space already contains. Otherwise, a few things to remember to pack for a cabin getaway include trash bags, a coffee maker, a medium saucepan, and a frying pan.

It’s also wise to consider eating utensils and dish wear—disposable if you don’t want to wash dishes on a getaway. Most cabins don’t have drive-thru windows nearby—the idea of cooking a meal may sound daunting but is often best.

Fun Activities

Board games make for some of the best activities for a cabin getaway. A typical weekend away involves friends or family, and this is an excellent opportunity to laugh together and create quality memories.

Be mindful of age appropriateness when packing, and if your trip is specifically for a guy’s weekend, keep that in mind when choosing the activity. Other things like cards and drinking games may be better options per the group in attendance.

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