The Easiest Fish To Target for Your First Fishing Trip

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You have various options for planning a vacation with your boys. A fishing trip is always a solid choice because it gives you something fun to do while you enjoy the beautiful environment around you. However, not everyone is an expert angler, so the hobby can be intimidating for newbies. Here’s a guide to the easiest fish to target for your first fishing trip.


Sunfish are essentially the training wheels of becoming an angler, making them perfect to target for your first fishing trip. Sunfish are extremely curious, and they’ll poke around most lures, so they’re easy to get on the hook. Furthermore, they’re small fish that barely reach 3 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about a battle if you’re a novice to the fishing game.

The most common type of sunfish is the bluegill, but sunfish also include redear sunfish and warmouths. Any of these catches make for good eating, so you can enjoy what you bring in as well!


Fried catfish is a popular dish at many restaurants, so you know they’ll be friendly and easy to catch. Catfish get their name due to the whiskers near their mouths. These fish cruise along the bottom of the water, searching for anything their whiskers can find for them to eat.

The channel catfish is the most common version to try to catch. You can find them in most bodies of water. A channel catfish can range from as small as 2 pounds to upwards of a whopping 50 pounds, but generally, they’ll weigh in at around 15 pounds.


When an entire shop is named after you, you know you’re a quality fish to nab. There are several species of bass to go for, with large- and smallmouth bass being the most popular choices. In fact, you can find largemouth bass in 49 of the 50 states, with Alaska being the only one without any largemouth bass.

There isn’t one distinct color of bass—they can be as white as snow, as black as charcoal, or somewhere in between. No matter where you go, someone nearby will be able to turn you on to a nice spot to catch some bass.


If you know an expert fisherman, odds are, they’ve taken a trip up north to catch some walleyes. Although walleyes are prominent up north and in Canada, they’re located throughout the country, even in Florida. However, the Pacific Northwest is the hottest area for walleye fishing due to the scenery and milder temperatures compared to its Northeastern counterparts. The only concern about hooking walleyes is that they have teeth, which may cause problems for your first go-around.

With an idea of the easiest fish to target for your first fishing trip in mind, you can now find the perfect location for your getaway. Hopefully, you’ll reel in some big game, but at the very least, you’ll get to spend some quality time in the wilderness.

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