The Best Wood Types for Indoor Furniture

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Whether it’s the bookcase and coffee table in your living room or the bed frame and desk in your bedroom, your furnishings can last a lifetime if they’re made of wood. A unique material made to last generations with the proper care, wood is versatile, dynamic, and timeless.

Luckily, timber comes in many types and species that can complement your home’s aesthetic. Check out the best wood types for indoor furniture to keep in mind when you’re browsing for pieces to fill your home with.

The Best Wood Types for Indoor Furniture:



Oak is a striking, classic choice known for its density. One of the most substantial types of wood, oak is an excellent material for indoor furniture, and it comes in various colors. Golden-brown types and paler white oak are among the different hues that complement Scandinavian-style interiors and contemporary designs.


Walnut is a dense, chocolate-brown hardwood with a distinctive color, texture, and grain. Its durability makes it a superior material for furniture, while its excellent insulating properties make it a fantastic choice for interior and exterior doorways.


Maple is a dynamic wood that creates attractive furniture pieces due to its pale golden hues. This wood type fits in well with airy, modern designs such as Scandinavian interiors. Maple is solid and therefore more resistant to wear and tear.


Cherry wood is a luscious, warm reddish-brown material with warm-pink undertones that slowly darken when exposed to light. Cottage-style and country farmhouse designs are no strangers to this material due to the favorable contrast. Cherry is a nontoxic wood perfect for woodworking and custom furniture; it steams well, making it optimal for curved designs in furnishings.

When you’re looking to fill your home, these best wood types for indoor furniture can provide the most durable and most striking pieces to complement your space.

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