Natural Ways To Put On Mass and Increase Your Strength

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It can be annoying when companies are hocking all their secret supplements that help you put on mass. There are too many to choose from, and rarely are any of them going to benefit you. Thus, let’s explore the natural ways to put on mass and increase your strength.

Eat Some Breakfast

Is there a more controversial meal than breakfast? There are several pieces you can read that say to skip this meal, as several other articles are pro-breakfast. It just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are looking to drop some weight or into intermittent fasting, it makes sense to bypass some steak and eggs. However, if you want to improve your strength, you’ll want to start the day with a rounded, healthy breakfast. It provides you with the energy you need to get through the day.

Consume Some Food Every Three Hours

If you like to eat a lot during the day, it can be a joy to try and put on mass. Generally, you’ll want to eat something every three hours. Stick with your main three meals as scheduled but throw in some healthy snacks in between those periods. Smaller intake multiple times a day is supremely efficient compared to stuffing yourself three times a day.

Lean Protein

Eating lean protein provides your body fuel to push through those tough workouts. Chicken, fish, and eggs are your best bet to get the quantity you desire. But if meat isn’t your thing, there are several vegan substitutes like nuts, seeds, and tofu.

Fill Up on Fruits & Vegetables

Natural fruits and vegetables will satisfy your hunger with minimal caloric intake. They also provide several minerals, fiber, and vitamins to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. The only thing you need to be aware of is that some fruits are high in sugar, so you don’t want to eat an abundant amount of them.

Carbs After a Workout

The debate of carb intake may be more contested than the war on breakfast. Yes, consuming over the daily amount of carbohydrates is not a good thing. Nevertheless, carbs provide you with the energy to function. A fair compromise is only to eat carbs after your workout and stick with carbs that don’t have enriched white flour in their ingredients.

Stay Hydrated

Strength training requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If you don’t rehydrate your body with water, it will significantly stunt your muscle growth. Outside of staying hydrated, filling up on water curbs your appetite, preventing you from overindulging.

Eliminate Processed Foods

The final level of natural ways to put on mass and increase your strength is avoiding processed foods at all costs. You want your diet to consist of whole, unprocessed, and unrefined foods because processed foods contain additives that are only beneficial to preserve the food. You don’t want any corn syrup, unnatural sugars, or trans-fats in your food, so assure yourself fits your standards.

All these ideas are easily controllable—it just takes discipline. Additionally, all these ideas deal with maintaining a healthy diet. Master these tips and couple them with a robust strength-training program, and you’ll end up feeling like a modern-day superhero.

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