Amazing Gifts for Dog Lovers

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What is it about your mom, dad or best friend that makes them smile more than anything? I bet you can’t guess. The one thing in their lives which they absolutely love and would not give up for any price (even if there were no other option) are their dogs! What’s yours?!

You’re in luck! I’ve got some amazing gifts for dog lovers to give you great ideas! But be honest with yourself, sometimes holiday prep can become a little frantic as the end of year approaches and we begin buying presents – especially if your budget is tight or it’s hard finding something that’ll really show someone how much they mean to us (or both). Today I am sharing my top picks for amazing gifts for dog lovers from this season!

Everyone loves their pets, but finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Luckily we’ve got you covered with our list of dog-related gifts that will make any pet owner happy!

The best gifts for dog lovers this holiday season? We have the top trending picks! You’ll be the most popular person in your loved ones’ circles and you won’t need to worry about being in the “doghouse” with gift-giving.

Custom Pet Portrait

You can’t go wrong with this custom pet portrait. Just steal your dog lover’s favorite pic of their pet, and this Etsy creator will turn it into the perfect wall art. Voila!

Rescue Dog Soy Candle

Adopt, don’t shop. Your friend loves her rescue pup—they wouldn’t have it any other way—and this candle pays homage to those second-chance doggos.

Vibrant Life 3 Step Pet Step – Gray

Make it easier for their roommate to crawl into bed every night with this set of stairs that comes equipped with a non-skid bottom so it’ll never move out of place.

Shag Vegan Fur Dog Bed

Optimized for better sleep and covered in soft shag, this pet bed is designed for top-notch snoozes.

Thousands of positive reviews share great experiences with dogs sleeping and relaxing better—plus, it looks darn cute in front of the fireplace.

Cute Dog Socks

Wear your love for your pup from your head to your toes.

BarkBox Subscription

What’s better for a dog than a box of goodies every month?! With two toys, two treat bags, and a dental chew in every box, this subscription packs a $45 value into a $30 box.

Plus, you can adjust it for the size of the dog—ensuring a Saint Bernard won’t end up with squeaky toys made for Chihuahuas.

Dog DNA Test Breed Identification Kit

Your friend loves their little mutt no matter what kind of dog she is, but just in case they’re curious, this DNA kit screens for more than 250 dog breeds.

All it takes is a simple cheek swab! (Well…simple, depending on how many licks she gives you first.)

Furbo Dog Camera

Help them keep watch over their pooch with a full HD camera and two-way audio—yes, that means they can speak to their pet and have him “speak” back!

It can also toss treats for all-day excitement.

Matching Dog Collar Bow Tie & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Their pet is their bestie—and what relationship is complete without friendship bracelets?

This matching set is adjustable and comes in multiple colors for ultimate ~synergy~.

Custom Pet Silhouette Art

Your friend’s pup has never looked so regal. Choose from various frames and color themes to further customize this masterpiece. Two paws up.


I hope this list has given you a good idea of the amazing gifts for dog lovers! I would love to hear what other people think about my picks. Let’s get commenting below and give some feedback together, shall we?

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